The Geneomics Global team unites a network of proven experts from across the globe to work with governments, hospitals, pharmacies, universities, private enterprises, and other institutions in an effort to outline and actualize cannabis and hemp industry needs with end-to-end solutions:

Igniting Hemp & Cannabis Innovation, Country by Country…

Global Distribution Network

The global hemp supply chain is taking shape, with new partnerships every day. Join the Geneomics Global network and mission, and let’s make sure your enterprise is plugged into the growing worldwide marketplace.

Pharma-Grade Extraction Technology

Professional cannabinoid and terpene extraction, post-processing purification – key parts of product formulation. Geneomics Global provides the technology and processes to make it happen with a focus on quality and value-added differentiation. 

Product Formulation & Innovation

Geneomics Global infuses product development with the ancient wisdom of traditional plant-based properties, combined with the validation of modern science. The result? Synergistic products that best impact health and wellbeing.

Education & Training

Hemp and cannabis knowledge gaps abound. Geneomics Global continues to build upon decades of botanical research while serving enterprises, institutions, universities, governments, industries, and consumers through personalized programs.