Our Story

A world with less disease and greater quality of life. That’s what we’re after, right?

For millennia this plant served our ancestors as food, shelter, clothing, and medicine. After a century of erroneous restriction, humanity is learning how to embrace cannabis and hemp all over again.

In a planet gripped by imbalance, pain, and suffering – hemp and cannabis are a critical part of the solution.

Want to reduce those “forever chemicals” in the water? Reduce carbon emissions? Switch to recyclable batteries? 

What about bolstering all the protein levels in your body for stronger performance and immune support?

Or here’s one: how about treating health maladies by effectively targeting the body’s endocannabinoid system, the dysfunction of which is often one of the first culprits with chronic disease?

How about less obesity in the world? Less cancer? Less pain?

More jobs and opportunities for purposeful growth?

This is the focus of Geneomics Global, led by Aimon Kopera, MD – providing actual solutions, resources, and partnerships to help make it happen.

Country by country, legal cannabis won’t go far without the proper global standards and education, also part of the Geneomics mission.

This is how we should have been taking care of ourselves and the planet all along.

The word is regeneration. Sustainability. Balance. Health. Happiness. Gratitude.

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