To create thriving plant-medicine industries that impact entire countries.


Bringing quality medicinal plant products to market

Plant genetics, cultivation, extraction, product formulation, global distribution – innovation and integration is required at levels for a dynamic cannabis/hemp supply chain.

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Addressing Science-Based Knowledge Gaps

Cannabis, hemp, CBD – all part of a plant that offers humanity countless emerging applications and opportunities.


Social Enterprise Is Our Driving Force

Geneomics Global is here to impact society as a whole in these areas:

  • To support farmers in growing high value crops such as cannabis, hemp, and kratom, etc.
  • To promote plant-based and cannabinoid medicine to healthcare practitioners for them to support their patients and to optimize wellness
  • To bring safety, quality, and standardization to consumer products derived from hemp, cannabis, and other medicinal plants

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Building Toward a Regenerative Economy

A Regenerative Economy starts from soil and plant seeds and spreads to the very souls of people and our planet. Regeneration creates a long-term sustainable economy for farmers and consumers, impacting entire countries and allowing for a sustainable global economy.

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